Busin’ it in Oaxaca, Mexico – A Dose of Reality

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I remember back in the States I would arrive at the bus stop,Guest Posting check the bus schedule that was posted there and sit down patiently for my bus to arrive. The schedule said that my bus was going to arrive at 9:17 am and sure enough, at 9:16 am, I see it approaching from a block away. I hear that familiar hissing of the breaks as it calmly comes to a stop in front of me and lets me on board. Pulling out once again into traffic, it takes me to where I need to go safely and without hitches. A calm, reliable way to get to work when one doesn’t have a car. I remember those days………… barely.

When I told my girlfriend, (who is Oaxacan of course), that I wanted to write an article about the Oaxacan public transportation system she grabbed my shoulders and said, “No, please don’t!” So I would like to publicly offer an apology to her because I’m going to do it anyway. So please accompany me, my friends, on my daily bus trip from my house into Oaxaca city.

Arriving at an unmarked bus stop a block away from my house, I pull out my 4 pesos and 50 cents that it costs to get on the bus. I always try to have change because the bus drivers almost never do. As I wait, I see the usual people arriving. The woman with the dark blue bank uniform, the crazed mother with the 2 children on their way to school that always seems to be late and, of course, the sexy young woman in tight jeans with a mirror in front of her face curling her eyelashes with a spoon.

15 minutes pass and everyone seems to be getting on their bus except me. I’m waiting for the bus that says “Cuarteles” which is a military base on the way out of the city going towards Tlacolula. Another 10 minutes pass and still nothing. Finally I see my bus coming from a block away at full speed. Well before it reaches my corner I step out to curb and give him the signal to stop. The bus driver kind of slows down a bit as I step out into the street but then steps on the gas and passes me right by. I can see the people standing up in the bus holding on to the handrail for dear life as it swerves back into the fast lane.


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